At KMC Brands we truly believe Hemp is the miracle crop, and it will change our world for the better. Hemp has a very long history around the globe for use to treat medical issues, as a building material, to create clothing, as a food source and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

New crop opportunities come along only every couple of generations, the last two being soybeans a century ago and canola a half-century ago.

Despite its ancient history and longstanding status as a fiber crop, Hemp is that crop for our times. Compare soybeans now to what they were in the 1920s, basically a curiosity.

At KMC, we are initiating and organically developing essential divisions to undergird long-term profits in worldwide markets. KMC Brands is one of the few companies that retains certified grower’s, processor’s and distribution licenses in its home state of Kansas.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is an ancient crop with many applications including Fiber, Food, and Pharmacy. It is a cannabis plant specifically bred to contain very low levels of THC and therefore cannot make a person “high”.

Hemp is grown to produce fiber for clothing and fabrics, rope, hempcrete, paper, fiberboard, oils, seeds and more. Cannabis must contain less than .3% of THC to qualify as legal industrial hemp.

Since 1970, the Controlled Substances Act effectively made it illegal to grow both hemp and marijuana. Canada (as well as other countries) has long been ahead of the US in hemp farming, growing most of the hemp used in teas, T-shirts, car parts and supplements. Over the last several years, many states in the US have legalized Hemp, opening a world of opportunity